Wiretap: Not a rebuild but a redo, a bionic Colorado, better, faster, stronger

Wiretap: Not a rebuild but a redo, a bionic Colorado, better, faster, stronger

While they’re squabbling over a government shutdown in Washington, we have equally pressing priorities here in Colorado. Salon’s Amanda Paulson takes a look at a chance for a “redo” when rebuilding after the floods. Thursday’s Web roundup:

“Mother Nature has reset the playing field for us,” says CSU professor Michael Gooseff. Via Salon.

National Review has the list of House GOP demands for debt ceiling vote. The long, long, long list.

Physicist Richard Muller says warming has just paused, not ended. Via New York Times.

Dr. Seuss wouldn’t be happy with Ted Cruz, green eggs or not. Via Politico.

Longreads: Fall of the Heritage Foundation and death of Republican ideas. Via the Atlantic.

Sen. Durbin asks Sen. Cruz the question Republicans have failed to persuasively answer for three years: Defund Obamacare? OK, so what’s your plan for the uninsured, for people like Judy, my friend in Illinois, a woman who’s 62 years old and has worked her whole life in various service-industry jobs but has diabetes and so can’t get health insurance? The Cruz answer paraphrased by Durbin: Judy needs to get a better job.

On the evolutionary origins of fame via Nautilus Magazine.

Bloomberg’s legacy has turned New York into a lab experiment for the rest of the world. via The Atlantic.

[ Reconstruction image via the National Guard. ]

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