Wiretap: Sound and fury and billions of dollars

Wiretap: Sound and fury and billions of dollars

The shutdown/default drama is finally at an end. And it ended just the way everyone figured it would – with the Republicans caving at the end. You think that’s good news? Fareed Zakaria thinks that, for people in the Tea Party, there is never any good news. And that’s the problem.

Even when the sun is shining, why does it still look like a dark day to the Tea Partiers? Via Washington Post.

Seven paragraphs called “Bleak House” from poet Charles Simic that say it all in the aftermath of the shutdown farce. “These groups spent more than $200 million last year to spread disinformation and delude the gullible among the populace about the supposedly catastrophic harm giving health care to the uninsured would do to the economy.”

Borowitz Report: The dream of keeping poor people from seeing a doctor must never die. Via the New Yorker

Peter Beinart says it looks like a win for Democrats, but the Democrats are just fooling themselves. Via the Daily Beast.

Pew poll: People don’t like the Tea Party; Tea Partiers really like Ted Cruz.

The shutdown drama wasn’t just theatrics. It cost real money — billions of dollars’ worth. Via New York Times.

Pueblo Chieftain reminds readers: Ballots are in the mail. Look for them. As usual, there’s lots on the ballots for voters to decide upon. Election is November 5.

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