Wiretap: Investigate!

Wiretap: Investigate!

Alert: Republicans finally have a new plan on Obamacare. If they can’t delay it, defund it or destroy it, they’ll do what Congress always does: they’ll investigate it. From Fast and Furious to Slow and Makes Us Furious. This will be productive.

Now the call for investigations begin. It beats a shutdown, anyway. Via New York Times.

Norm Ornstein tells us what the Obamacare screwup says about Obama. Via the National Journal.

Erick Erickson, RedState blog founder and unofficial chief Republican strategist of the last few years, gets philosophical in this morning’s newsletter: “It will take a steady ministry in and out of politics to teach the world and young Christians what true love is — a love that is patient and kind and does not judge, but does not want others to lose salvation through blind acceptance of sin.”

Now Marco Rubio wants a shot at Obamacare. Is it 2016 yet? Via the Atlantic.

Sorry, Ted Cruz, but the tweak in the Obamacare mandate is just that — a tweak (not a glitch). Via Washington Post.

Surprise: In Texas, you can vote with concealed weapons permit, but not a student ID. Via the Nation.

Judge orders indictment in JonBenet case to be unsealed. Via Daily Camera.

The problem with slave narratives. Via the New Yorker.

Amnesty International finds that, in just two drone attacks in January 2012, at least 19 civilians were killed in North Waziristan. via The New York Times.

Even though the national health care exchange website is riddled with glitches, polls show incremental change, with more support for Obamacare. via Joan McCarter

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