Wiretap: CBO says Obamacare is either bad or good for Americans

Wiretap: CBO says Obamacare is either bad or good for Americans

If you’re confused by the latest Congressional Budget Office report on Obamacare, there’s a very good reason. Many of the people who are writing/talking about the report are confused. Others who are writing/talking about it want you to be confused. In any case, the latest reading is that the report says 2.3 million workers will choose to leave their jobs by 2021 — not that there will be 2.3 million fewer jobs. Or something like that. There is one consensus opinion — that the report will provide fodder for Obamacare attack ads in the coming November elections.

Here’s a sample of what people are writing/saying about the report.

Sarah Kliff says there’s good, bad and ugly in the report in her Wonkblog analysis.

At the New Republic, Jonathan Cohn says the critics are getting it all wrong.

Michael Hlitzik at the Los Angeles Times says the news is actually pretty good.

The Hill says the report predicts Obamacare will slow economy and cost jobs.

In other news, Steve Coll writes in the New Yorker that the fate of Democrats in Colorado may be the key to the fate of Democrats nationally.

Also from the New Yorker, Amy Davidson explain why Dylan lost the Super Bowl and Coke won.

And, of course, there is already a parody of the Dylan Americans-are-America commercial. By a Miami ad school student, via Huffington Post.

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