Wiretap: They grabbed passing tree branches to escape

Wiretap: They grabbed passing tree branches to escape

Chika Oduah, writing for the Atlantic, visits the the land of the Nigerian kidnapped girls – to the village of Chibok, where insurgents hide in the bush and parents mourn the loss of their daughters. And where survivors of the Boko Haram attack tell of escaping by jumping from the truck taking them away or by hanging on to tree branches.

Tom Steyer is making his 2014 bet on climate change with an eye toward seeing how well it works in advance of the 2016 presidential race. One place he’s betting is here in Colorado. Via the New York Times.

E.J. Dionne says if you want to see how democracy should work, stay away from Kentucky during the McConnell-Grimes Senate race. Via the Washington Post.

Erick Erickson, the pugnacious Tea Party pundit at the popular RedState blog, has been writing about faith and asking readers to pray for him. Today he confessed he has been wrestling with a call to ministry. He reports he applied to the Reformed Theological Seminary’s Atlanta campus, was accepted and is beginning work on a master’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Is the Republican Party establishment really winning the war with the Tea Party? Via the Atlantic.

Byron York says it’s very difficult for Barack Obama to fire Gen. Eric Shinseki as head of the VA. He offers several reasons, including one that may surprise some liberals. York writes that Obama would have to overcome the issue that “the retired general has for years been a particular hero to Obama’s supporters on the left for his conflict with the George W. Bush administration during the run-up to the war in Iraq.” Via the Washington Examiner.

Liberal columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post writes that he doesn’t see how Shinseki can be allowed to stay.

Two more judges have upended state bans on gay marriage, causing Amy Davidson to ask in the New Yorker, “When did this all become obvious? When, one might ask instead, did it stop being impossibly hard?”

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