Wiretap: Football and its repercussions

Wiretap: Football and its repercussions


In the case of Pat Bowlen: The heartbreaking irony of an NFL owner suffering from brain disease. As Bowlen’s family announces that his battle with Alzheimer’s has forced him to give up control of the Broncos, the NFL is finally having to admit that the violent impact of football collisions has caused brain damage in many of its players. Via Salon.

Cory Garder is touting his support from No Labels. Meredith Shiner described in Yahoo News how that semi-endorsement enraged Democrats and how No Labels, which was formed to help end Washington dysfunction, became part of the problem.

Presidents don’t really have that much impact on the economy. And yet, if you crunch the numbers, the economy under Democratic presidents since Truman have performed better. Is there a reason? Via the Atlantic.

The Washington Post’s Fix blog deconstructs Michelle’s Nunn leaked campaign memo.

Gary Hart on why Hillary Clinton needs competition in 2016. Via Sirius News.

Your cereal is now fighting climate change that it helped cause. No, really. Via the National Journal.

James Brown: The movie. It’s another Godfather, but the first Godfather of Soul. Via the New York Times.

Parents of children with debilitating seizures may not need to make the pilgrimage to Colorado to get access to medical marijuana oil anymore, if a bill recently introduced by Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry called Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 passes into law. The oil, which is extremely effective at treating the symptoms of epilepsy, is currently illegal to ship across state lines. Via the Gazette.

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