Wiretap: Ferguson, call Cincinnati, Oakland, LA

Wiretap: Ferguson, call Cincinnati, Oakland, LA


If Ferguson is looking for answers to how to resolve the civil unrest that has come with the shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown, the African-American teen, by a white cop, there is a lot of information out there. Too much, in fact. Cities across America have faced similar problems and have made similar missteps. Ferguson officials can start with Cincinnati, move on to Oakland and Los Angeles. The list, sadly, is long.

A look from Ferguson at the protesters – the peaceful, the militants, the looters and the rest. Via the Washington Post.

If other cities have learned that communication is key, then we’ll have to see what happens with this, via HuffPost Hill: “Ferguson has retained the services of an all-white PR firm, because if there’s one thing the people of that town need, it’s someone named Bethany talking about brands.”

The problem with cameras on cops – you don’t always get the picture. Via the Atlantic.

For another take on Rick Perry’s indictment: It just might be the best thing that could have happened to him. Via the National Journal.

Doyle McManus writes that the Obama executive orders are all about lame-duckery. And what Congress can do about it. Via the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, according to Politico, Obama is meeting with business leaders to drum up support for an executive order on immigration.

Don Pardo, the voice of Saturday Night Live, dies at 96. The New York Times obit.

Outside the mainstream, in the best way: The inaugural I. F. Stone Hall of Fame induction of Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, now available on YouTube.

Voters in Pueblo are getting ready to elect a new council member in October following revelations that three council members collaborated on city agenda separately and privately with a county official via email. One has stepped down and calls for the other two to follow suit are growing louder. Private trash haulers are particularly peeved. Recall petitions are soon to circulate, pending a court review of the city attorney’s interpretation of the city charter. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

[Photo of Ferguson on Monday night by Alex Wroblewski.]

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