Wiretap: In Kansas, little love for the guy they know

Wiretap: In Kansas, little love for the guy they know

Voters in Kansas don’t know much about Greg Orman, other than he’s a really rich guy who’s running as an independent and who said he would caucus with whichever party has the majority. It may be the fact that Kansans don’t know much about him that gives him a real chance to beat Sen. Pat Roberts, who voters seem to know too well. Via the National Journal.

Yes, Internet monopolies are different from the old kind, but Amazon must be stopped anyway. It’s too big, argues the New Republic, and it’s cannibalizing the economy.

Because you can get away with saying almost anything, some Republican candidates are saying that ISIS is gathering at the Southern border and is preparing to sneak across and launch an attack. Via Slate.

The Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin’s Voter ID law after upholding similar laws in Ohio and North Carolina. You have to read closely to figure out why. Via the New York Times.

David Ignatius on the limits of limited war — and whether Obama can make it work against ISIS. History suggests otherwise. Via the Washington Post.

There are constructive ways for liberals to oppose illiberalism, and then there’s the way Bill Maher chose to critique Islam. Via the Atlantic.

Your Nobel Prize for literature — it goes to some French writer you probably never heard of and not to Philip Roth. Via the New Yorker.

Forty painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for Obama. Via the Washington Post.

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