Wiretap: Ebola as limited medical problem; large psychological problem

Wiretap: Ebola as limited medical problem; large psychological problem

An Ebola-infected nurse boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Dallas to Cleveland, and the Ebola crisis moved to full-blown Ebola panic. It’s not just a medical problem now in the United States, it’s also a psychological one. According to a Washington Post poll, four in 10 Americans are “very” or “somewhat” worried that they or a family member might contract the disease.

CDC director Tom Frieden, who has admitted to a flawed response to the Ebola outbreak, will face a grilling from a House committee. Among the grillers will be Cory Gardner. Via the New York Times.

A second nurse and second guesses on Ebola. Via the Atlantic.

As Game of Throne fans cheer, HBO has cut the cable cord, or at least left it frayed. Who should be more concerned – cable companies or Netflix? Via the New Yorker.

Vox has an interactive timeline on the decline of crime in America. Well, who else would have one?

Sam Wang is the Democrats’ new Nate Silver (who, of course, is still Nate Silver, but is predicting Republicans will win the Senate). Wang, the Princeton professor, says his model shows the Dems still have a decent chance to hold on to the Senate. Via the New Republic.

Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post that saying no to Obama might just be enough for Republicans to win.

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