Mike Keefe on Karl Rove as horror movie director

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Mike Keefe

Longtime Denver Post staffer and winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. His work has appeared in many of the nation's top news publications.
mkeefe@intoon.com | www.intoon.com

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  1. Will Morrison on said:

    The only thing the right has is fear. Listen to them, watch their actions. They LIVE to make you afraid. Of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Because if you’re afraid, you will make unwise decisions. Like voting for a republican.

    It’s pathetic, we went from the “home of the brave” to the land of the terrified in the time it took W to tell us to go shopping. We all stood there asking “what can we do to counter this terrorism thing” and he said just sit back and let the adults deal with it. We see how well THAT has worked out.

    Republicans live to make you afraid, and that is because then you won’t notice what a MISERABLE job they do of governing. The right brought us TABOR, for the love of God, has THAT been a blessing for the state? Not from what I can tell as I try and avoid the potholes on the way in to work every day.

    Republican’s whole goal is to dismantle everything we’ve built up as a country so they can charge you to do the same thing. And charge you they will and do. Our privatized prison system costs us 11 TIMES what it cost us when the state ran it. That is what the right wants to bring you even MORE of, and they know that if you’re kept afraid, you will let them do it.

    The right has nothing but fear to keep you in line. Do you really want to be in THEIR line?

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