Wiretap: U.S.-China take a step together at last on capping carbon

Wiretap: U.S.-China take a step together at last on capping carbon

The United States and China made a very big deal on climate change. It’s a deal between the world’s two largest economies and two largest carbon polluters. And it’s made with the hope that a U.S.-China bargain will successfully encourage other countries to follow. Via the New York Times.

And here’s the Vox explainer. If the argument by many in the U.S. was that there was no point in cutting carbon emissions if China wouldn’t, what happens to that argument when China says it will?

Ron Fournier writes in the National Journal that Republicans didn’t win the midterm elections. What really happened — if you trust the exit polls — is that they lost less. Two-thirds of voters disapprove of Republican leaders. And nearly 60 percent don’t like the GOP altogether. So who did win (it clearly wasn’t Obama or the Democrats)? Fournier says the winners were disgust, apathy and, mostly, the desire for something different.

You’d think that after the midterm shellacking that Democrats would be ready to dump Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Well, you’d better think again. Via the Wall Street Journal.

Republicans were the big winners in the midterms, except for one large problem. Can you have won a mandate if you never had an agenda? Via Katrina vanden Heuvel in the Washington Post.

Would the Supreme Court really overturn Obamacare because of what is basically a typo? Michael Cohen writes in the Boston Globe that Republicans had better hope it doesn’t.

Democrats are still winning the youth vote. But it looks as if they may be losing it at the same time. Via the New York Times.

Meet America’s oldest vet. He smokes cigars, drinks whiskey and he’s 108. Via the Washington Post.

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