Wiretap: Climate change politics not going away

Wiretap: Climate change politics not going away

Democrats made a big bet – mostly with Tom Steyer’s money — that they could make the environment a major issue in the 2014 midterms. As you might have noticed, it didn’t work out so well. But 2016 could be different. And if so, it starts with Barack Obama’s landmark pollution-reducing, climate change agreement with China, which Republican leaders are already criticizing as a jobs killer and Democrats see as a polling winner. Via the New York Times.

For those Republicans who think the embarrassing Jonathan Gruber quotes will change anyone’s mind on Obamacare, the Fix has the bad news: They won’t. Via the Washington Post.

E.J. Dionne wonders if Antonin Scalia would violate his judicial principles in order to take down Obamacare. What do you think? Via the Washington Post.

Will Senate Democrats abandon their principles on Keystone in order to help get Mary Landrieu re-elected? What do you think? Via Time.

Josh Kraushaar writes in the National Journal that the Washington conventional wisdom on the Republican majorities in Congress is wrong: He says it’s the rise of the new Republican pragmatists.

More unconventional wisdom: Michael Lewis says that extreme wealth is bad for everyone — even the extremely wealthy. So, money really can’t buy happiness? Via the New Republic.

As if Ted Cruz didn’t have enough on his plate, now he’s fighting mutant snakes. He does the fighting; all you have to do is bring the crayons. Via Vox.

Duck Dynasty is going Broadway, via Vegas, with a musical. Seriously. If only Mel Brooks were writing it. Via the New York Times.

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