Wiretap: Permanent-gridlock immigration reform plan threatened

Wiretap: Permanent-gridlock immigration reform plan threatened

The question many Republicans are asking is why Barack Obama won’t give Congress the chance to write a new immigration law. OK, it’s not a serious question, but Vox does have a serious answer. Obama began this process last March when he said he was looking for a more humane way to deal with illegal immigrants. In May, he said he would give the House another chance to pass the bipartisan Senate bill, which had passed 68-32. John Boehner said no, and so Obama said he would do what he could to do immigration reform without Congress. And voila. Whatever is coming will be here as soon as this week.

Ross Douthat writes in the New York Times that Obama’s use of executive authority would be a great betrayal of the Constitution.

Reagan, Bush Sr. also used executive authority in dealing with immigration reform. Via the Associated Press.

Look to history for how Chief Justice Roberts might rule on the next challenge to Obamacare. Hint: It might not be like the last time. Via the Los Angeles Times.

Are you old enough to remember when Cory Gardner and other Republicans made a big campaign issue out of over-the-counter access to birth control pills? Well, you can forget it. According to the Washington Times, GOP leaders apparently have no interest in taking up the issue.

Krugman: What do you do when government programs succeed? You ignore the success and move on to the next program and call it a failure. Via the New York Times.

The Colbert Report takes on Gordon Klingenschmitt — Colorado’s soon-to-be 24/7 legislative embarrassment. Expect a lot more reports like this, just not ones nearly as funny.

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