Obama pushes ahead on immigration reform: A Wiretap roundup

Obama pushes ahead on immigration reform: A Wiretap roundup

The story of the day, of course, is Barack Obama’s controversial plan to use his executive authority to protect as many as 5 million immigrants without documents from being deported. Outlets around the country are considering what the president’s plan might look like, what precedent it relies upon and, of course, what the political fallout might be as Republicans react with blind rage. (Note that the TV networks — ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox — have decided not to broadcast Obama’s speech tonight).

The New York Times explains what the details will look like (no Obamacare for immigrants). Karen Tumulty in the Washington Post explains the difficulties both parties face on the topic. And Vox shows how Obama has done something quite like this before.

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post’s Plum Line rounds up legal arguments on the right and left supporting the argument that Obama’s planned action is well within constitutional bounds.

Here’s how not to win the Latino vote: John Hickenlooper tells the Wall Street Journal that most young Latinos in the country illegally don’t care about becoming citizens. He doesn’t say how he arrived at that conclusion, but here’s the quote: “What’s amazing to me is, a lot of young Latinos, the vast majority don’t care about a pathway to citizenship. They want to be able to get on an airplane and get down to Mexico City and visit their grandparents. And they want to get a job and be able to get paid over the table. Why don’t we just take the pathway to citizenship and say, ‘We’re not going to worry about it’…”

Republican governors are meeting in Florida and the only point of disagreement is which governor is angriest about Obama’s immigration plan. Via the New York Times.

Yes, Obama is finally making his move on immigration, but California got there first. Via the National Journal.

Ted Cruz uses the M-word (that’s M for monarch) in an opinion piece in Politico. What else would you expect?

Just because conservatives are blind with rage over Obama’s immigration policy doesn’t make it illegal. Via the New Republic.

John Dickerson writes in Slate that Obama has learned that they can’t call you a lame duck if you’re using your fists.

Josh Kraushaar writes in the National Journal that Obama’s decision to go left on issues like immigration divides the Democratic Party and hurts Hillary Clinton.

Watch for original reporting by the Independent on this historic move as events unfold over the next two days.

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