Wiretap: Gardner won by tossing over the tea party. How will he legislate?

Wiretap: Gardner won by tossing over the tea party. How will he legislate?

Tom Edsall writes that Cory Gardner became the Republican model by tossing over the Tea Party baggage. Can he live up to his role as pragmatic conservative? More to the point, can the rest of his party? Via the New York Times.

John Boehner survives major revolt from the Tea Party right. Via the Washington Post.

Dana Milbank writes of the pests who went after Boehner: Their buzz is worse than their bite. Via the Washington Post.

On Opening Day, Joe Biden steals the GOP show — by being, for better or worse, all Joe Biden. Via Politico.

Executive dysfunction: Obama’s major failure has been his inability to win back people’s faith in government. Via James Bennet at The Atlantic.

And yet after a slow start, writes Ron Fournier in the National Journal, government did earn our trust on Ebola.

Obama says he’ll veto the Keystone pipeline bill. Via Vox.

At the heart of policing: What we see and what we don’t see and what we don’t want to see. Via George Packer at the New Yorker.

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  1. Colin J. Guthrie on said:

    Anyone actually believe that leopards, “change their spots”? The day I see a striped leopard, I’ll believe Cory Gardner as anything other than what he is, a Right-wingnut.

  2. Joanne Roll on said:

    Edsal’s is factually incorrect and Colorado Independent should have caught it. Edsal said that Gardner had publicly withdrawn his support of the Federal “Life Begins at Conception” bill.
    Gardner did no such thing. He steadfastly refused to withdraw his support from that legislation.

    He withdrew support from the 2012 Colorado Personhood bill, which had been defeated by voters and which, at the time, was not widely supported. The Catholic Bishop did not support it. It is one thing for the eastbound NY Times not to get this right, but the Colorado Independent staff should have noted the distinction. It was precisely the absolute refusal of whomever was running the Udall campaign to understand the nuances of this issue, that cost Udall the election. He did lose,
    although that fact, too, is hard to find acknowledged.

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