‘Change Washington culture’ with anti-Obamacare vote number 67

‘Change Washington culture’ with anti-Obamacare vote number 67

On Tuesday, House Republicans climbed back on the treadmill. They held their 67th vote to repeal, defund or otherwise weaken Obamacare. This, despite the fact that 19 million Americans will be enrolled for Obamacare coverage this year and the largest bloc of those people will be white southerners, that is, the most reliable variety of Republican voters.

The only really newsworthy aspect of the proceedings was that, for the first time, the Republican vote was not unanimous. Three caucus freshman voted with Democrats against the repeal — Republican Reps. Robert Dold of Illinois, John Katko of New York and Bruce Poliquin of Maine.

Four years after the Affordable Care Act passed and countless railing television appearances later, Republicans voting against it still had no replacement plan to mention, the Senate still lacks the votes to do anything with the House repeal bill and the president is still Barack Obama, who would also still relish the opportunity to veto any GOP repeal bill and detail for the American people all the good reasons why he was doing so.

Democrats took turns on the floor of the House chamber mocking their Republican colleagues for wasting time staging effect-less retread “Groundhog Day” games.

In a release, Colorado 5th District “Top Conservative” Rep. Doug Lamborn touted his role in events: “I pushed leadership hard to schedule this vote. People want change in Washington’s culture.”

[ Top photo: Doug Lamborn via House Republicans.]

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  1. Phil Esteen on said:

    Sixty seven times? Stop wasting our money and precious time you right wing idiots!

    What are these Republican fools drinking?

    I mean other than the Fox News Kool-Aid.

  2. Colin J Guthrie on said:

    Ah! Yes! Lamborn. That’s the other nut-case from down around Horsemanure Junction, who is out in Washington, while “Dr. Chaps” – Cowlorado’s local “expert in exorcism” – brays away up in the State Legislature. Isn’t it. And, for the 57th time, he “pushed leadership hard to schedule (a) vote” to try to “repeal” the ACA; for which the Teabaghead/Republikkklan Party has never had – and never will have, for that matter (!) – any alternative whatsoever.

    Sounds about right. That good old, “Make Barack Obama a one term President” resolve is still strong there. And, it’s the strong resolve of a Lamborn that will keep right on trying to make it happen.

    Great dialogue there folks. Very enjoyable.

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