Wiretap: Marco Rubio announces candidacy

Wiretap: Marco Rubio announces candidacy

Oedipal Complex

Why Marco Rubio couldn’t say no to running in 2016, even if it meant a rift with his mentor Jeb Bush. Because that’s the way he is. As Rubio said in his announcement speech, he wasn’t about to wait his turn. Via Politico.

Number Two

At this point, Rubio is everyone’s second choice, which means that all he has to do is sit back and wait for everyone else to implode. Unless being everyone’s second choice in a crowded field means only one guy — Jeb Bush? Scott Walker? – has to go. Via The Atlantic.

Man to Man

Rubio’s advice for Rand Paul (who’s running for both president and Senate): Go big or go home. Via The Washington Post.

Final Push

Corker, Cardin, Obama pushing for a deal with Congress on the Iran agreement that could actually become law. They have until this afternoon. Shouldn’t that be enough time? Via The New York Times.

Back to the Future

Milbank: Republicans and Netanyahu hate the new Iran deal and say they want to go back to the interim deal, which they hated when it was announced. Can you see a possible connection here? Via The Washington Post.

Questioning Cruz

Jonathan Chait writes in New York magazine that Ted Cruz is not only crazy and unpopular, but that he’s also dishonest. You can read John Harwood’s 10 questions to Cruz — and Cruz’s responses — and see if you agree. Via CNBC.

Green Grass

Salman Rushdie on the greatness of Gunter Grass. Via The New Yorker.


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