Wiretap: Smart guns could save lives but not without triggering gun-lobby wrath

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Wiretap: Smart guns could save lives but not without triggering gun-lobby wrath

Sharp Shooters

Smart guns are ready. Why aren’t we? Maybe because all they’d do is save lives, but that might not be enough for the gun lobby. Via Fortune.

Minimal Efforts

Congressional Democrats may not be ready for a $15 minimum wage, but The New York Times says they’re rallying around a $12 floor. While it will never get through the Republican Congress, it’s an issue the Democrats can’t wait to take to the voters in 2016.

Big Spender

E.J. Dionne says it’s time to sing the praises of Newt Gingrich. And also John Quincy Adams. It’s all about government spending, which Gingrich, not exactly your big-government type, says we must do. He proposes doubling the budget of the National Institutes of Health.

Down the Drain

Heather Digby Parton: Did Scott Walker lose the Koch brothers and, while he was at it, lose the nomination? Don’t be surprised if that’s what happened. All it took was one appearance with Glenn Beck. Via Salon.

Warren Parties

Meet the Elizabeth Warren fans who won’t give up. Hillary Clinton is trying to please the left wing of her party, but will she ever win over these guys? Via The Atlantic.

Real Dirt?

If you’re going to believe “Clinton Cash,” you have to be ready to believe that Hillary Clinton used her time at the State Department to head up a giant shakedown operation. It’s the stuff that works on talk radio, but is that really going to swing an election? Via The Daily Beast.

No Surprises

If you like your GOP presidential rankings done early, you might as well go with the smart guys at Hotline. No surprises, though, which is what happens when you go with the smart guys. So, Jeb No. 1. Walker and Rubio tied for 2.


Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. Abraham Collins on said:

    So-called “smart guns” will mechanically fail in a citizen’s time of need and end up getting them killed by an attacker. If they’re so miraculous then why don’t the police and military use them exclusively?

    That’s right, they’re unreliable. The government has no business deciding which gun I should or should not own.

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