Homebrew: Windows shattering, bullets flying, books being flung by Front Range roads

… and other news rotting across Colorado.

Homebrew: Windows shattering, bullets flying, books being flung by Front Range roads

Mystery Solved

The case of the literary litterbug has been solved: “Glenn Pladsen says he isn’t sure how long he has been dumping books along U.S. 287 on his way to work in Longmont. He just knows he couldn’t figure out any other way to get rid of them.” State officials have cleaned up something like 600 pulp fiction and romance novels over the last year along a two-mile stretch of U.S. 287 south of Longmont. Via The Longmont Times Call.

Broken Windows

Something or someone is shattering the windows of moving vehicles on the roads of the Northern Front Range. Authorities are investigating. Ominously, a 20-year-old Milliken woman was shot in the neck Wednesday night while driving on Interstate 25, and some say the cases might be related. Via The Greeley Tribune.

No show

State Sen. Luis Guzman is refusing to participate in a panel connected to the Western Conservative Summit because event organizers told the gay GOP group, the Log Cabin Republicans, they could not set up a table at the event. Via The Denver Post.

Dirty Rags

Rags Over the Arkansas River is asking the Supreme Court to reverse its decision to allow world-famous artist Christo to install six-miles of fabric over the river. The fight between the community organization and the hellbent artist has been blazing for 17 years, reports The Gazette.

Still Here

Judge Carlos Samour, presiding over the Aurora movie theater shooting case, has turned down the defense attorney’s request to move the trial, reports The Aurora Sentinel.

Out Law

A former marshal from De Beque has been accused of stealing $5,000. According to Paul Shockley of The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: “Michael James Lorsung, 45, told a CBI agent he felt like an “idiot” when confronted with details that ultimately led to his arrest.” Seems about right.

Kind Soul

Michelle Wilkins, the victim of the grisly crime in Longmont in which her fetus was cut out of her womb, took homemade cookies to the city police and nurses in the intensive care unit at the hospital on Wednesday. “All beautiful people, I’m so blessed to know them,” she wrote on her Facebook Page. Via The Longmont Times Call.

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  2. Will Morrison on said:

    I’m glad they finally caught the IDIOT who has been throwing books onto 287. Moron didn’t think anyone CARED? I’ve been pissed as all get out over it since this fool started this idiocy. I hope they fine him about a million dollars. This is just nonsense, and this old fool is old enough to know FAR better than this. Stupid fool, he has been told ALL HIS LIFE not to litter, and what the hell does he do? Litters MULTIPLE TIMES, endangers those who have to clean up after him, and trashes OTHER PEOPLE’S places. Idiot couldn’t have trashed HIS OWN COMMUNITY?

    No sympathy for an old FOOL.

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