Wiretap: Pastors, politicians, gang members uniting Baltimore

Wiretap: Pastors, politicians, gang members uniting Baltimore

Holding hands

Pastors, politicians, community leaders and even gang members take to the streets in Baltimore — not to riot or even protest but to try to bring the community together. Via The New York Times.

Phoning in

“Thank God for cellphone video cameras. Thank God for cellphone video cameras”: How the cellphone changed Baltimore. Via The Atlantic.

No show

Now we know what it’s like if they had a baseball game and nobody showed. In Baltimore, the Orioles and White Sox played in front of an empty Camden Yards. As Baltimore officials feared more violence in the streets, they decided they’d play the game, but keep the fans away. Here’s the strange and haunting picture. Via The Washington Post.

Sound of silence

Roger Angell on the silence of the fans. He remembers when a game was “a public event, modestly presented, and private in recollection.” Via The New Yorker.

Not another

Is there a bigger one yet to come in Nepal? On the streets of Kathmandu, where fear and desperation are the competing overwhelming emotion, this quake has been more than big enough. Via The Daily Beast.

Judge this?

Jeffrey Rosen on the dangers of a “constitutional right to dignity.” Do we really want judges to decide, he asks, whose dignity they prioritize? Via The National Journal.

Mum’s the word

The strategy on same-sex marriage for most of the GOP presidential field: Try to talk about it as little as possible. Via Real Clear Politics.

Retirement party

David Letterman reflects on 33 years on late-night TV: “It’s all over, Dad. You’re going to a new place. They’ll be very nice to you, Dad. You’ll make a lot of new friends.” Via The New York Times.


Photo Credit: Arash Azizzada, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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