Wiretap: Did Obama’s administration lie about Osama bin Laden killing story

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Wiretap: Did Obama’s administration lie about Osama bin Laden killing story

Conspiracy theories

Seymour Hersh writes in The London Review of Books that the Obama administration lied about the Osama bin Laden killing and covered up the truth. Max Fisher writes in Vox of the many problems in what he calls a “conspiracy theory.” The New York Times says were it not for Hersh’s byline, the story would never have gotten any attention. But it is Hersh, the renowned investigative journalist who first gained fame by uncovering the My Lai massacre.

The rub

Obama spokesman Josh Earnest says the Saudi king’s snub of Obama is not a snub. Which doesn’t, however, make it any less of a snub. Is this how you form a relationship? Via The National Journal.

Deadly duo

It is one thing for the new king to snub Obama, but it is another for Saudi Arabia to wean itself of its dependence on the United States. The planes that Saudi Arabia is using to bomb Yemen would not fly if the United States refused to send the parts. Via The New York Times.

Pea pods

Elizabeth Warren is good for Hillary Clinton, who just might be good in return for Elizabeth Warren. All Clinton has to do is get elected. Via Vox.

Sound of Silence

Welcome to Hillary Clinton 2016, writes Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post. He has done the math and Clinton has taken eight questions from the media in the 29 official days of her campaign and none in the last 20. Maybe you can spot a trend here.

Stone wall

Krugman in his Krugmanesque way: The Vampires of Wall Street bought themselves a Congress, which, in return, is trying to kill the Dodd-Frank financial reform. Why must Dodd-Frank die, Krugman asks. Because, he answers, it’s working.

Uncertain future

No one knows for sure what caused the rapid drop in crime. But, David Frum writes in The Atlantic, that means no one knows for sure whether we can greatly reduce the number of prisoners without risking a rise in crime.

Breaking up

For those who care, inside the shocking divorce between Bill Simmons and ESPN. Via Vanity Fair.


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