Wiretap: Another white cop brutalizing black youth

…and more news spinning around the world.

Wiretap: Another white cop brutalizing black youth

More proof

The video of the Texas cop manhandling a young black girl at a pool party has gone viral. And the story of cops using excessive force against African-Americans is being told again. Via Vox.

The video


Kalief Browder spent three years on Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime. There is video showing him being assaulted by guards and being beaten and kicked by inmates. He spent two years in solitary, where he once tried to kill himself. When his story was told in the New Yorker, it caught the attention of Rand Paul, Jay Z and Rosie O’Donnell, who further publicized his story. But he was in and out of psychiatric care, and on Saturday he hanged himself. Kalief Browder is dead at age 22.

Secret history

Navy SEAL Team 6 is celebrated, mythologized and covered not just in glory, but also in secrecy. It is a history of secret killings and blurred lines and the difference – if there is one – between a spy and a soldier. And all done with very little official oversight. Via the New York Times.

Personal political

Caitlyn Jenner’s big splash on the cover of Vanity Fair is not just about what it means to be transgender, but what it means politically (what else?). Dave Wiegel says in Bloomberg that conservatives are asking themselves how they lost the transgender-right cultural wars? Daniel Davis writes that in the Federalist that it’s a lose-lose proposition for liberal ideology by reaffirming gender norms.

Inflated power

Former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer tells Republicans what should be obvious to all: Scandal-mongering only makes the Clintons stronger. A brief history lesson provides all the proof you need. Via Politico.

Do that

No one had to explain that to Ross Douthat, who has advice for the Democrats running against her. Via the New York Times.

Rising phoenix

Are liberals making a big comeback? That’s what a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll suggests. Via the Wall Street Journal.

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