Wiretap: Why John Kerry may be a helicopter: Shariah in Iraq

…and more news imposing itself on the world.

Wiretap: Why John Kerry may be a helicopter: Shariah in Iraq

Imposing law

Mosul under ISIS: the BBC has video of the imposition of Shariah law a year after ISIS took over Iraq’s second largest city. Women punished for not wearing gloves. Adulterers tossed from the roofs of buildings.  Mosques, shrines destroyed. Minorities persecuted.

No-state solution

The Islamic State is not a state, or, as John Kerry put it, no more a state than he is a helicopter. Letting ISIS claim to be a state is one of the real dangers that the terror group poses. Via the New Republic.

Health careless

Dana Milbank goes to Congress to watch the latest sniping over Obamacare. What’s most depressing about it, he writes, is that these are the guys who will be called on to provide some kind of fix if the Supreme Court rules against the law. Via the Washington Post.

Kristol ball

Ezra Klein interviews Bill Kristol, the man who helped kill Hillarycare and now thinks that whatever happens to Obamacare, it’s not going away. Via Vox.

Big spender

Ron Fournier: The Clintonian defense of Marco Rubio’s spending problems. Of course, it’s not about the boat. Via the National Journal.

European vacation

The best reason to read David A. Graham’s story on Jeb Bush’s trip to Europe is his description of Mitt Romney’s 2008 European adventure: “like Spinal Tap, with marginally fewer deceased percussionists.” Via the Atlantic.

Off track

How Jeb Bush’s campaign ran off the rails before it even began. A close look at Bush’s surprising early troubles, via the Washington Post.

Race to debate

Fox News now says it will host a second-tier debate in the afternoon on Aug. 6 — the top 10 get prime time – in response to the Manchester Guardian, which has said it will host a forum on Aug. 6. Candidates are caught somewhere in between. Via the National Journal.

Headlines cut

The man who wrote what may be the most famous headline in New York tabloid history — Headless Body in Topless Bar — has died. RIP Vincent Musetto. Via the New York Times.


Photo credit: Taylorandayumi, Creative Commons, Flickr

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