Wiretap: Hillary Clinton embraces her gender and age

…and more news rattling around the world.

Wiretap: Hillary Clinton embraces her gender and age

Settling in

Gail Sheehy writes in Politico that it’s taken Clinton, who would be the Grandmother In Chief, nearly a political lifetime, but she’s finally comfortable with her age and gender.

Trading responsibility

Clinton finally takes a stand on trade – sort of. She says that Obama should listen to Pelosi. Via CNN.

Can’t breathe

The story behind the chokehold death of Eric Garner: It started with a phone call about an “Eric” that may or may not have been Eric Garner and ended with a takedown for selling loose cigarettes that with the cops never mentioning the chokehold and the people who might have saved Garner all wondering if he was faking it. Via the New York Times.

Intelligence failure

The CIA finally declassified its report on intelligence failures leading to 9/11. If you can make your way through the redactions, you can find that the question about Saudi links to 9/11 remain unanswered — and remain worth asking. Via Vox.

Metal head

Karen Tumulty on Jeb Bush: He was, a Bush biographer wrote, the Ted Cruz of his time – a “head-banging conservative,” in Bush’s words – before he lost his first race for governor and learned a new way to run. Via the Washington Post.

Four fights

Byron York on Hillary Clinton’s “Four Fights” speech. It’s not exactly “Four Freedoms,” but maybe it has a fighting chance. Via the Washington Examiner.

Biden time

Should Joe Biden get in the race against Clinton? Amy Davidson thinks so, although conceding it’s a tough argument to make at this point. Via the New Yorker.

Bad example

San Bernardino was once a solidly middle-class, mid-size, all-American California city. Now it’s bankrupt and a symbol for the nation’s worst urban woes. Via the Los Angeles Times.

Military innuendo

The Sunday Strip: In which Brian McFadden has Barack Obama wondering what the euphemism is for “more troops”? Via the New York Times.


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