Wiretap: Death panels are coming! (or maybe just end-of-life choice)

…and more news floating around the world.

Wiretap: Death panels are coming! (or maybe just end-of-life choice)

Death panels

The Death Panels are coming! The Death Panels are coming! Or maybe you could just call it a Medicare decision to reimburse doctors for counseling patients on how to have a greater say in their end-of-life care. Via The New York Times.

Wrong numbers

Worried Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus talks to The Donald for 45 minutes on the phone, trying to convince him to tone down his talk on immigration. Who do you think Trump will listen to — the RNC or the poll numbers, which seem to be telling Trump to do just the opposite? Via The Washington Post.

Internal divide

Milbank: Trump (the former liberal on social issues, including, yes, Mexican “rapists”) is a GOP problem because his problematic campaign is, in fact, a mirror to a significant part of the Republican party. Via The Washington Post.

Popping bubbles

The three China bubbles – political, economic and geopolitical — could all be near to popping as stocks fall, bonds rise and investors unload billions of dollar-denominated debt. No one knows what happens then. Via Walter Russell Mead in The American Interest.

No threat

Nate Cohn (the new Nate Silver at The New York Times) explains why Bernie Sanders is still not likely to be much of a threat to Hillary Clinton in the long term. It’s got to do with moderate Democrats, white and nonwhite, who make up a surprisingly large piece of the Democratic vote.

Epic fail

It wasn’t about hackers or cybersecurity. The United computer problem and the Stock Exchange computer problem were just epic computer fails. Does that make you feel any better about it? Via The Atlantic.

Court cases

Amy Davidson asks what the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court could possibly have to do with the Dred Scott case. It turns out to be a very good question. Via The New Yorker.

Do over

The fight about the Confederate battle flag is not over quite yet. The House, which unanimously passed amendments to a spending bill that would have curtailed displays of the flag in national parks, now wants a do-over. Via The National Journal.

Sport story

See if this sounds familiar: Keith Olbermann and ESPN are parting ways. Again. Apparently, ESPN was demanding that Olbermann cut the commentary from his show. Does that make ESPN the worst network on earth? Via The Hollywood Reporter.


Photo credit: Raxon Rex, Creative Commons, Flickr

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