Wiretap: Video: Sandra Bland’s arresting cop: “I will light you up”

Wiretap: Video: Sandra Bland’s arresting cop: “I will light you up”

Shedding light

The Sandra Bland dash-cam arrest video has been released, and it shows Bland being threatened with a Taser and the arresting cop saying, “I will light you up.” Bland, who was found dead in her Texas cell in what police were calling a suicide, was pulled over for failing to signal a lane change. Via The Washington Post.

Cut up?

The Los Angeles Times reports that there seem to be continuity problems with the video of the Bland arrest. Was the video edited?

Still hope

Norm Ornstein writes in The Atlantic that Congress could actually still do something positive about the Iran nuclear deal. Not that he’s counting on it happening.


It’s Rupert vs. The Donald in who knows how many falls. It’s the greatest grudge match of all time (or at least of today). But, in any case, you have to love The New York Post headline on Trump’s McCain insult: “Don Voyage.” Via The New York Times.

Fans stick around

Political guru Charlie Cook explains the Donald Trump phenomenon. His support may fade over time, and Trump might even go away eventually, but the people attracted to him in the Republican Party aren’t going anywhere. Via The National Journal.

Gag generator

This is what you’ve been waiting for: The Donald Trump Insult Generator. Try it. It’s free. Just put in a name and watch the insults come spewing out. Via Time.

Walker’s Wisconsin

The headline in The New Yorker pretty much tells the story: Scott Walker’s Wisconsin and the end of campaign finance law.

The end

Ragtime author E.L. Doctorow dies at 85. He audaciously turned the past into fiction, but what he wrote wasn’t typical historical fiction. In his fiction, an often unreliable past informed an uncertain present. Via The New York Times.

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