Wiretap: Ferguson: Police kill a man at an anti-police brutality protest

…and more news repeating itself around the world

Wiretap: Ferguson: Police kill a man at an anti-police brutality protest

State of emergency

In Ferguson, Missouri, a year later, a state of emergency and a state of frustration. A largely peaceful protest turns into a night with gunfire and a man shot by police. Via The Washington Post.

Black rage

What will become of the black rage that is so close to the calm surface in Cincinnati following the police shooting and killing of Samuel DuBose? Via The New Yorker.

50 Watts

Fifty years after the riots in Watts, it’s a different place. Different demographics. Different relationships with the police. Different challenges. But it’s far from utopia. Via The New York Times.

Burn out

Michael Gerson explains why Donald Trump’s campaign will eventually, inevitably burn out. He hopes. Via The Washington Post.

Keep running

Colbert, who can’t wait to get back into action, hopes Gerson is wrong. As he put it:  “Every night before I go to bed, I light a candle and pray that he stays in the race and I also pray that no one puts that candle anywhere near his hair.” Via The New York Times.

Polling Donald

They’re Internet polls, which may not be as reliable as telephone polls, and you should never rely on a single poll. But … all the post-debate polls so far have shown the Donald still comfortably in the lead. Via Vox.

Blame game

Jeb Bush finally has an answer for his brother’s botched war in Iraq — blame Obama and, of course, Clinton for how things have turned out. Via Politico.


Google is now Alphabet, but don’t worry, you won’t have to ABC anyone. Via The Atlantic.

Multiple choice

When is an all-of-the-above energy policy not really an all-of-the-above energy anything? Via The New Republic.



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