Wiretap: Obama renamed a mountain in Alaska. So why do people in Ohio care?

… and other news peaking all over the world.

Wiretap: Obama renamed a mountain in Alaska. So why do people in Ohio care?

Lower forty irate

As Obama pleases people in Alaska by officially calling Denali by its original name, which just happens to be Denali. Some people in Ohio are actually upset that it won’t be Mount McKinley any more. Via The New York Times.


Reading between the redactions: The latest dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Via The New York Times.

Dark days

How Katrina forced the New Orleans police department to remake itself. In the week of the storm, the police shot and killed three unarmed civilians. Via The Atlantic.

Number crunch

Suddenly, Ben Carson is the big challenge to The Donald. Nate Silver examines how it all might work out. Via fivethirtyeight.com.


Here are some of Carson’s notable quotes — and, yes, they are quite notable, starting with the one about prison making you gay. Via rightwingwatch.org.

Money where your mouth is

Next for the Donald – raising taxes on rich guys. No wonder the GOP establishment is going nuts. Via The Washington Post.


Can you take more Donald? Jeb! probably can’t. Watch how Trump trolls Jeb! on Instagram. Via The National Journal.

West 2020

And now we get serious: Kanye West for president. If you didn’t see it, you heard about it, although you probably have at least seen the clip. “I have decided, in 2020, to run for President,” he said, then dropped the mic, and walked off stage. Via The New Yorker.


Photo by Nic McPhee, Creative Commons, via WikiMedia

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