Wiretap: Hillary Clinton apologizes for email fiasco, but not dark money

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Wiretap: Hillary Clinton apologizes for email fiasco, but not dark money

Apologies made

It took a while — a long, long while — but Hillary Clinton finally got to an I’m-sorry-for-the-email-fiasco in an interview with ABC News’s David Muir. It’s not that she did anything wrong, she said, but she did make a mistake. So there’s that. Via The National Journal.

No apologies

She makes no apology, however, for going after dark money. Is this Clinton’s secret weapon on campaign finance reform? Via The Los Angeles Times.


Final four Senate Democrats announce on Iran nuclear deal — and all say yes, if some of them apparently reluctantly. But if you do the math, that means Democrats — reluctant or not — back the deal, 42-4. Though it’s not clear that all the Democrats would vote for a filibuster, it may well mean that Barack Obama won’t have to make good on his veto promise. Via The New York Times.

Kind words

If you missed it over the Labor Day weekend, Paul Krugman said something nice about Donald Trump. No, really. Via The New York Times.

Not fooled

Milbank: Dick Cheney tries to fool the public again. As George W. Bush once said, you can’t get fooled again. Via The Washington Post.

Endtime predictions

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but Politico is reporting that John Boehner’s tenure as speaker may be nearly over. OK, we told you to stop us.

What’s next?

Kim Davis is out of jail, with orders from the judge not to interfere with the issuance of same-sex marriage attempts. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but, whatever happens, Mike Huckabee will probably  be back in Kentucky to lead the rally. Via The Daily Beast.

Law applies

Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss writes in The New Yorker on the Kim Davis case: “Belief or nonbelief in God is irrelevant to our understanding of the workings of nature—just as it’s irrelevant to the question of whether or not citizens are obligated to follow the law.”

Late night

Stephen Colbert makes his Late Night debut — and remains very much Stephen Colbert. That has to be a good thing, right? OK, there’s always Night No. 2. Via The New York Times.



Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr

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