Make a splash: Comment on Colorado’s water plan – by Thursday

Make a splash: Comment on Colorado’s water plan – by Thursday

Attention Colorado: We may disagree on many things in this square state. But we can all agree that we need — and love — our water.

We want to keep filling our rivers and Nalgene bottles, and irrigating our alfalfa fields and peach orchards and backyard strawberry plants that our kids watch each morning in hopes of new fruit.

We all want our farmers to keep farming and our anglers to keep angling and toilets to keep flushing and showers to shower us and sprinklers to sprinkle our grass green.

We want our critters safe and trees shady and all the other thirsts we have — both literal and figurative — quenched ad infinitum.


It’s no small challenge, given that climate change and growth are projected to cause a massive shortfall by 2050.

To overcome the shortfall, Gov. John Hickenlooper’s administration has undertaken the lofty goal of creating a state water plan.

Read the 416-page second draft here.

To save some time, maybe just focus on Chapter 10, the part about solutions, or read The Colorado Independent’s recent coverage of the plan.

And then chime in by sending state water planners your thoughts and input.

Don’t delay!

The deadline for public comments is tomorrow.


Photo credit: Sonny Abesamis, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. seandixon on said:

    well it dos not help when you bild 40 milles of reatenshion lakes across the top of the grand mesa rd all the way to the back side of colburn. you are stealing whater from the rist of the us in order to promote all your whater projects. and promote panic and drought . evvery yeay you bild 50 to 100 more lake size reatenshion ponds to hold back the anilual snow fall. so fuck you for this i will make shuir this is known

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