Wiretap: Oligarchy: Why Ohio failed to legalize pot

…and more news smoking around the world

Wiretap: Oligarchy: Why Ohio failed to legalize pot

Not pot

In Ohio, voters overwhelmingly reject legalizing pot. So how can both sides be happy with the result? Hint: It starts with the word “oligopoly.” Via The Washington Post.

Big blow

In Houston, voters repeal anti-discrimination ordinance in a huge setback for gay rights supporters. And only one side is happy this time. Via The New York Times.

Donald Trumps?

In Kentucky, a Republican wins the governor’s job. Bad news for Democrats. Good news for the Donald? Via The Washington Post.

Stupid letter

GOP candidates now complaining about the GOP’s letter complaining about the debates. Chris Christie had a succinct response on Fox News for why he wouldn’t sign the letter: “Because it’s stupid.” Via Politico.

Hitting Rubio

Meanwhile, Christie hits Rubio on immigration, saying that lots of Democrats would love Rubio’s plan. It won’t be the last time you hear this. Via The National Review.

Failed co-ops

Failed co-ops latest point of contention in the Obamacare wars. It’s not just in Colorado. Via The New York Times.

Blame Bush

Dexter Filkins on Ahmad Chalabi: Don’t blame him for the Iraq war. He just gave Bush administration officials what they wanted to hear. Via The New Yorker.

Moving on

Israel and the United States try to get past the Iran deal as Bibi comes back to America for another visit. Jeffrey Goldberg writes in The Atlantic that it won’t be easy.


Photo credit: Martin Alonso, Creative Commons, Flickr

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