Wiretap: Did Exxon know about climate change in the 70s?

Wiretap: Did Exxon know about climate change in the 70s?

Buried facts

New York is investigating whether Exxon, now Exxon Mobil, hid what it knew about climate change, dating back to the 1970s. It’s the latest take on what-did-they-know-and-when-did-they-know-it. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Well oiled

Timothy Egan: Exxon’s sordid past on climate change is becoming clearer even as the GOP presidential candidates continue to read from Exxon’s decades-old talking points. It’s everything the Koch brothers could ask for. Via The New York Times.

Foul ball

When Houston citizens voted to repeal the city’s anti-discrimination laws, the NFL was put in a bind. Should it still hold its 2016 Super Bowl there? Here’s betting you can guess what the NFL decided to do. Via The New York Times.

Fixed positions

You can’t really have swing voters when voters so rarely change their minds these days about anything. Via New York Magazine.

Sinking ships

And so the gloves come off: Christie, Huckabee don’t make the cut for the main event in the next GOP debate. Graham, Pataki don’t even make the undercard.  Via Politico.

The riddler

Ben Carson among the pyramids: Maybe the Sphinx can solve this one. Via The New Yorker.

Laughing matter

OK, so Bernie isn’t funny. He admits it. So why does he have so many comics rooting for him? Via The Washington Post.

Father knows

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for Jeb!, Poppy drags Dick Cheney into the picture. That’s never a pretty sight. Via The Washington Post.

Knock out

George Will knocks Bill O’Reilly silly. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? Well, you can read it here for free. Via The Washington Post.


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