Wiretap: University of Missouri black football players strike

…and more news touching down around the world

Wiretap: University of Missouri black football players strike

Field goal

Dozens of black University of Missouri football players make a bold statement in standing with their less visible fellow African-American students. Via The New York Times.

Death machine

Ross Douthat: The death rate for the while working class in America is suddenly on the rise. If that’s true, as the evidence suggests, why is it only the American whites and not their European peers? Via The New York Times.

Cashed in

The 2016 election won’t be just about the economy, stupid. It will be about the economic divide, which, far more than the cultural divide, will determine the nation’s political future. Via The Daily Beast.

Baby boomers

Jim Tankersley: If you’re looking for someone to blame for the country’s economic woes, you don’t need to look far. Just look to the baby boomers, who used up the resources, ran up the debt and refused to take any responsibility. Via The Washington Post.

New tactics

Has Bernie Sanders changed his tactics on Hillary Clinton or not? It sure looks that way. Via The Boston Globe.

Pyramid scheme

If you think Ben Carson’s theory that the pyramids were used to store grain is crazy, you’re not alone. So do the people who study pyramids for a living. Via PRI.

Rubio charged

Marco Rubio and his credit cards: One more look at his messy financial picture. Via The New York Times.

Punishing children

The Mormon Church makes it official: They will ban not only same-sex couples but also the children of same-sex couples until those children reach the age of 18, move out of their parents’ home and disavow same-sex marriage. Via Vox.

Super star

Saturday Night Live got huge ratings with the Donald as host. But somehow, the show forgot what it was there for — to do for Trump what, say, Tina Fey did for Sarah Palin. Via The New Yorker.


Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Creative Commons, Flickr

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