Wiretap: Dramas to watch in tonight’s GOP debate

…and more news contending around the world

Wiretap: Dramas to watch in tonight’s GOP debate

Cruz vs. Trump

Storylines to watch at the GOP debate tonight: Cruz vs. Trump. Everyone else vs. Trump. Cruz vs. Rubio. Via The National Review.

Who’s better?

Eugene Robinson asks whether Cruz would be any better than Trump. We can guess Hillary Clinton’s answer. Via The Washington Post.

Trump vs. Hillary

P.J. O’Rourke, meanwhile, asks whether Trump would be any better than Hillary. You can probably guess his answer. Via The Spectator.

Healthy president

Trump’s doctor: Trump would be the healthiest president ever. Do doctors do irony? Via Politico.

Fighting chance

Very smart guy Ron Brownstein writes in The National Journal that if you’re handicapping the GOP primary, these may be the states to watch: Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois in the Mid­w­est, and South Car­o­lina, Vir­gin­ia, Geor­gia, and Flor­ida in the South­east.

Fold ’em

The Republicans think they’re holding the cards on Obamacare. Juan Williams says they’re wrong. Via The Hill.

Raising rates

The Fed is finally going to raise rates. But don’t expect your interest rates to do much any time soon. Via The New York Times.

After Paris

It’s not clear what the future holds after the Paris agreement, but those who study these things are convinced that Miami’s future is under water. Via The New Yorker.

Court martial

Sgt. Bergdahl is facing court-martial charges of desertion and endangering the troops. After nearly five years of harsh captivity with the Taliban, Berghdal could face life. Via The New York Times.

Back and forth

Serena Williams is SI’s sportsperson of the year. Now we await the backlash. Some people thought the honor should have gone to a horse. Via Vox.

Photo credit: Jamelle Bouie, Creative Commons, Flickr

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