Wiretap: Michigan played ‘political football’ in Flint water crisis

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Wiretap: Michigan played ‘political football’ in Flint water crisis

Public emails

In yet another email problem, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder made public 274 pages of emails about the water crisis in Flint. They show that state officials were often dismissive of Flint’s concerns and some critics accused the city of playing “political football” with early reports of lead in the water. Via The New York Times.

Falling markets

The Dow is off another 250 points as markets fall across the globe and oil prices drop. Are we in a bear market? Or does the term really even matter? Via The New Yorker.

Who knows?

Who knows more – the markets, which are in free fall, or the economists, who say the world economy is in decent shape? Via The New York Times.

Welcome Palin

Byron York: What Palin’s endorsement does for Trump — and to Cruz. Via The Washington Examiner.

Blame Obama

Palin links her son’s domestic violence arrest to – who else? — Barack Obama for his alleged neglect of veterans. Yep, that’s what she said. Via Politico.

Then what?

If Trump wins in New Hampshire, where he has a large lead in the polls, he’ll be breaking all the rules. The question is whether if Trump wins, New Hampshire loses the rationale behind its first-in-the-nation status. Via The Boston Globe.

Why Bernie?

As if you weren’t confused enough by this election year, ask yourself why Bernie Sanders is fighting with Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign. Via Vox.

Then whom?

If Sanders were to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, there’s a small chance that Clinton could lose the nomination — but maybe not to Bernie. Via Eleanor Clift at The Daily Beast.

Ninth planet

In other news, there just might be a ninth planet in our solar system after all. And, no, it’s not Pluto. If it’s actually there – and the scientists aren’t quite sure — it would be much farther from the sun than Pluto and much bigger than Earth. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Kris Runstrom, Creative Commons, Flickr

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