Wiretap: What did Hillary Clinton say to Goldman Sachs?

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Wiretap: What did Hillary Clinton say to Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs

It’s 2016 and Clinton still doesn’t know how to answer the question about the big-money speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs. Via Politico.

Words count

Ralph Nader says it’s not just about the money Clinton received for the corporate speeches. It’s what she said that he wants to know. Via The Concord Monitor.

Wall Street

What Republicans and Bernie get wrong about Wall Street. Via The Washington Post.

Progressive choice

Who’s the real progressive? The question has been central to the Democratic race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It certainly was at the CNN town hall. Via The New York Times.

Old road

John Cassidy writes that no one should be surprised by Sanders’s populist appeal with young people. Just ask Dylan: the “old road is rapidly agin’.” Via The New Yorker.

Making history

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio made history as Latinos getting more than half the GOP vote in Iowa. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned it? Via The New York Times.

Corn shucked

King Corn loses big in Iowa. The National Review writes how Ted Cruz crushed the ethanol lobby.

Mutiny begins

Paul Ryan, who says he wants to unite the clans, faces his first uprising. Via The Atlantic.

Bad water

You know all about Flint and the lead-in-the-water health crisis. You may not know that 18 cities in Pennsylvania have reported higher levels of lead exposure than Flint. Via Vox.

Somber bowl

Super Bowl update: Now, for the important stuff, the commercials. The ad makers think it’s morning in America. No “Somber Bowl” ads this year. More dachshunds in hot-dog outfits. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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