Wiretap: Bush brothers bash back. Donald Trump bashes harder.

Wiretap: Bush brothers bash back. Donald Trump bashes harder.

Bash brothers

The Bush brothers turned into Bash Brothers for one night in South Carolina as they take a few mighty swings at Donald Trump. It may not shock you to know that Trump was swinging back. When he wasn’t calling Ted Cruz a “basket case” and mocking Marco Rubio’s sweat factor, Trump noted that saying George W. kept us safe after 9/11 was like saying the opposing team “scored 19 runs in the first inning, but after that, we played pretty well.” Via The New York Times.

Family ties

Cruz goes after the Donald’s sister, the judge. Of course he does. Via Politico.

Too late?

Cruz may be the savviest politician on the Republican side, but the question that may haunt him is whether he waited too long to go after Trump – or his sister? Via The New Yorker.

Liberal hate

Antonin Scalia was the Supreme Court justice that liberals loved to hate. He’s gone now, and as Scalia himself would say, get over it. Via Slate.

Troubled waters

This from The National Review: Caving to Obama on the Supreme Court fight could destroy the Republican Party.

Judge this

If you’re wondering whom Obama might nominate to succeed Scalia, here are 10 possibilities, via USA Today.

More trouble

It’s eight years later and Bill Clinton is still causing headaches for his wife. He’s the greatest politician of his generation — except when Hillary is involved. Via The Washington Post.

Bad mix

Grassroots and super delegates somehow don’t mix. Just ask Bernie Sanders supporters. Via Politico.

Foul play

Peyton Manning and the sexual assault story that won’t go away. And maybe it shouldn’t. Via The Washington Post.

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