Wiretap: Obama walks a tightrope picking Scalia’s successor

Wiretap: Obama walks a tightrope picking Scalia’s successor

Tough pick

Obama has a long list of options in choosing whom to nominate for Scalia’s Supreme Court seat. Whichever way he goes – Loretta Lynch, anyone? How about Elizabeth Warren? — there is also a long list of possible pitfalls for Democrats and Republicans alike. Via The New York Times.

Fire play

Kathleen Parker: Republicans are playing with fire by saying the Supreme Court vacancy should stay vacant until a new president is chosen. There’s an easier path, she writes. Just ask what would Scalia do. Via The Washington Post.

Big speech

The National Review’s take on Chuck Schumer’s 2007 speech on ratifying Supreme Court justices: Just ignore anything I said.

Fighting chance?

Is Hillary really that much more electable than Bernie? The race to be the Democratic nominee may depend on the answer. Via The Observer.

Kissing cousins

If you get past all the shouting and the bigotry and the sexism and the xenophobia, you can hear Trump’s critique of the American capitalist system. At times, he sounds a lot like Sanders. Via The New Yorker.

Vote Donald

Why a vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Donald Trump. Via The Daily Beast.

Bad move

Trump confuses Barack Obama for Ben CarsonPolitico says he can’t keep his Midwesterners straight.

Funny guy

The Donald is a late-night comic’s nightmare. Trump riffs. He goads. He works blue. How do you top that? Via The New York Times.

1 percent

This may not surprise you, but if you do the numbers on Ted Cruz’s tax plan — as the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has — you’ll find that it’s the most radical, 1-percenter-friendly plan of them all. Via Vox.

Not stupid?

In attempting to persuade anti-vaxxers to vaccinate their children, it might help to know that they’re not stupid. Via The Atlantic.


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  1. Gabriel A. King on said:

    Autopsy’s are mandatory under Texas State Law. Even illegal aliens get them at the tax payers expense.

    Never mind Scalia was found with a pillow over his head… that’s just “A MESSAGE”. A “horse head in the bed” for everyone else who opposes the establishment.

    Declared by a judge (not doctor etc) dead of “heart attack” over the phone !? LOL

    After Scalia opposed Obama’s $ TRILLION $ dollar carbon scam… it’s safe to assume Congress will approve a “Paul Ryan” style Rino to Scalia’s seat.

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