Wiretap: Flint wins the Democratic debate. Clinton, Sanders tie

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Wiretap: Flint wins the Democratic debate. Clinton, Sanders tie

Flint wins

It may not be clear who won the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but the obvious winner was Flint, Michigan, which needed the victory. Via The Atlantic.

Bernin’ mad

In last night’s Democratic debate, Bernie was angry. Was he too angry or just angry enough? The answer to that question may come in the Michigan primary on Tuesday. Via The New York Times.

Tone deaf

The Fix, in its winners and losers, says Sanders lost on tone. Via The Washington Post

Farewell Nancy

Reagan biographer Lou Cannon’s New York Times obituary on Nancy Reagan.

Lagging behind

Why isn’t Marco Rubio, the establishment candidate, doing better? A Washington Post story blames it on poor strategy and a poorly run campaign. Of course, he might just be a bad candidate.

American demagogue

David Remnick on the Donald: American Demagogue. Via The New Yorker.

Danger zone

Marc Ambinder writes in The New York Daily News that you can mock Trump all you like, but you mock the pain and frustration of his followers at your own peril.

Self destruction

Leonard Pitts: The GOP is on the verge of destroying the party. Will it destroy America next? Via The Baltimore Sun.

Cutting edge?

What a knife can tell us about the O.J. Simpson case. (Nothing new.) Via The New Yorker.

Spoiler alert

Recap of the Downton Abbey finale (with all the spoilers you could hope for). Via Vulture.

Photo credit: CNN

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  1. Gabriel King on said:

    “Flint wins” LOL. If Sanders wins… the Flint disaster may get fixed. Obama obviously doesn’t give a truck. He’s happy watching America destroyed. Sanders Communism would suck the taxes out of Flint anyways so….

    TRUMP 2016 is the only “fix all”…

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