Wiretap: Superduper Tuesday and the return of 1968

Wiretap: Superduper Tuesday and the return of 1968

Election day

Two front-runners, five states, a batch of negative ads, stakes growing ever higher and it all adds up to one more day on the campaign trail. It’s Election Day in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri. Via The New York Times.

Primary review

Fivethirtyeight.com offers an overview of the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Time travel

Howard Fineman writes that the way to understand the strange 2016 campaign is to think of it as 1968 all over again. Via The Huffington Post.

Establishment guy?

Ted Cruz looking for love in (what used to be) all the wrong places. Will the GOP establishment really rally to his side? Via The Washington Post.

Rising authoritarianism

Where authoritarianism and Trumpism intersect: It’s the violent place where academics have been looking for years. Via Vox.

Mixups and lies

Politico compiles a week’s worth of Trump’s “errors, exaggerations and flat-out falsehoods.”

Looking forward

Raging against the machine: Bernie Sanders may lose his primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, but in a Democratic fight for the future, Sanders could well be the winner. Via The New Yorker.

Crime reporting

The Breitbart story gets curiouser and curiouser. Criminal complaints, fake bylines, resignations and all the rest. The Washington Post has the details.

Smear campaign

Here’s how the Trump campaign and “Trump’s lackeys” smeared Michelle Fields. Via The National Review.

Slamming Krugman

And in more journalism news, Paul Krugman gets slammed — from the left. By William Greider in The Nation.

Photo credit: Alex, Creative Commons, Flickr

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