Wiretap: Climate scientists warn of massive floods by 2100

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Wiretap: Climate scientists warn of massive floods by 2100

Melt down

If you don’t think global warming is a hoax, you might be concerned by the latest word from climate science – that the west Antarctic ice sheet could melt quickly enough to cause flooding to coastlines around the world by 2100. Via The New York Times.

Nuclear topic

In the era of climate change, the arguments about nuclear energy have changed over the years. And Bernie Sanders, long a nuclear-energy foe, is right in the middle of them. Via The New Republic.

What’s real?

Trump says that if abortion were banned, women who seek one should be punished. And then, when he gets slammed from both sides of the abortion debate, he recants, saying the doctor is the one who should be punished. What does he really believe? It’s not the first time that question has been asked.  Via The New York Times.

Wooing women

Cruz sets out to show his softer side — apparently he has one — in order to up his appeal to women as the Donald struggles. Via The National Review.

Talk radio

Why the #neverTrump movement seems to be working in Wisconsin — credit one very important talk radio host. Via Politico.

Tough guy

How Corey Lewandowski became Trump’s go-to man on the campaign trial: They view the rough and tumble of politics in the same rough and tumble way. Via The Washington Post.

Trade wars

The trade wars heat up in Wisconsin, where four of the five presidential candidates oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s the right side politically, but William Finnegan asks in The New Yorker whether it’s the right side for the economy.

Poetic injustice

Under the supposedly more moderate Egyptian government, a poet faces prison for blasphemy for writing a Facebook post on the massacre of sheep. Via The Washington Post.

Unlocked conversation

Now that the FBI’s fight with Apple over iPhone encryption is over, we can safely get to the debate we need on privacy vs. security. Via The Week.

Photo credit: Christopher Michel, Creative Commons, Flickr

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