Wiretap: Trump and Cruz are furious Kasich won’t quit

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Wiretap: Trump and Cruz are furious Kasich won’t quit

Drop out

Ted Cruz is fuming because John Kasich won’t drop out of the race, saying he’s taking votes away from him. And you thought it was the Donald who said he was angry that Kasich won’t drop out of the race because he’s taking votes away from him. Oh, wait. Trump did say that.  Could both be right? Via The New York Times.

Still possible

Eugene Robinson: Don’t count Trump out just yet. Because whatever happens in Wisconsin, he’s still way, way ahead in the delegate count.  Via The Washington Post.

Right direction?

E.J. Dione: This time, Trump really has done it. No really. Seriously, really. Because, Dionne writes, “the instinct that Americans would never choose as their president a clownish peddler of racial and religious stereotypes who made everything up as he went along was right from the start.” Well, wasn’t it? Via The Washington Post.

Hot topic

Let’s say Trump isn’t the nominee. Can Clinton use infrastructure building as a bridge to winning disaffected working class Trumpists? Via The Atlantic.

Backing out

Paul Ryan says to take his name down as a possible compromise presidential candidate at the Cleveland convention. Of course, Republicans remember when he said he wouldn’t take the speaker’s job. Via Politico.

Panama Papers

If you want to truly understand the Panama Papers, Vox provides eight articles you can read that should clear things up for you.

Piggy banks

Then there’s the one about the piggy banks. With cartoons. Also via Vox.

Heating up

The prediction of the Antarctic meltdown changes the question to this: Is climate catastrophe coming even sooner than we thought? Via The New Yorker.


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  1. Gabriel King on said:

    Kasich is just another corrupt RINO trying to rob Trump of the nomination for the establishment.

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