Wiretap: Can Bruce Springsteen beat North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws

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Wiretap: Can Bruce Springsteen beat North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws

The Boss

We know that Bruce Springsteen canceled his North Carolina concert to protest the state’s new anti-LGBTQ laws. What’s harder to say is whether such protests work. Via The Atlantic.

Bathroom bigotry

Kathleen Parker: Bigotry raises its ugly head in North Carolina, where the new “bathroom laws” basically want you to bring your birth certificate to use a public restroom. Via The Washington Post.

Not running

Paul Ryan calls a press conference to make his Shermanesque announcement that  he isn’t running for president, that he wouldn’t accept the GOP nomination, that you can “count me out.” Will it convince anyone? Via The New York Times.

Not moderate

The truth about Ryan: He’s not a moderate alternative to Trump or Cruz. He’s not a moderate at all. Via Vox.

Ditching Sanders

Tom Hayden – yes, that Tom Hayden — explains why he used to be for Bernie Sanders, but now he’s voting for Hillary Clinton. Via The Nation.

Super delicate

Bernie’s super-delegate problem: He can’t really rip the concept, or the delegates themselves, because he needs to recruit them to have a chance to win. If he doesn’t win them, watch out. Via The New York Times.

Blame the mayor

Hillary on the cringe-worthy racial joke: It was the mayor’s joke, not mine. Via The New York Times.

Strange bedfellows

You know Bill Clinton is in trouble with Democrats when The National Review writes that he is right.

Very generous

Charity, Trump style: Yes, it’s very much the way you might think. Via The New Yorker.

Oh, really?

Yes, Bill O’Reilly really did say that many African-Americans can’t get jobs because they have tattoos on their forehead. Via Politico.


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  1. Sheldon on said:

    Regarding the brouhaha in the LGBT community versus North Carolina our South Carolina State is with Mr. Springteen on ly time will tell if NC crosses the Rubican on this issue and has no way of getting back.

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