Wiretap: Is Boulder or Ann Arbor a more lefty city?

Wiretap: Is Boulder or Ann Arbor a more lefty city?

Which city is more lefty: Ann Arbor or Boulder?

Conservatives love to poke fun at college towns for being too progressive slash lefty slash “nanny state.” The National Review takes time out from the presidential campaign to ponder whether Ann Arbor or Boulder is more “radical.” Cast your votes now.

Feel the yearn

The big question after the New York primary blowout is not whether Bernie Sanders can win— it’s a long, long, longshot— but what does Bernie want. Democrats are awaiting an answer. Via The Washington Post.

Banks for the memories

The truth about Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, according to CNN Money.

On the money

Anyone got change for a $20? You already know the answer to that one. Harriet Tubman is in. Andrew Jackson is out. And, meanwhile, a Broadway musical saved Alexander Hamilton on the $10. Via The New York Times.

In monsters we trust

Why is Jackson out— and also out of favor? Dylan Matthews writes at Vox that Jackson was a slaver, an ethnic cleanser and a tyrant. That ought to be sufficient cause.

The soft touch

Donald Trump, in an interview with The New York Times, shows a softer side.  Are we seeing the new Donald?

Donald Trump, Boogeyman

If there is a new Donald, writes Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post, that would scare the hell out of the already-very-nervous GOP establishment.

Don’t know much about history

Historian Rick Perlstein writes in The Washington Spectator how the orange-haired monster— that would be the Donald to the rest of us— has rewritten the history of American conservatism. Via Salon.

Home is where you hang yourself

Paul Ryan says he won’t run for president. And you can see why. He’s having a difficult enough time just trying to run the House. Via Politico.


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