Wiretap: Trans-rights fight shows GOP’s desperation

Wiretap: Trans-rights fight shows GOP’s desperation

Last stand

The transgender fight in North Carolina is more than just a fight over who uses which bathroom. It also shows the desperate state of the GOP, taking another losing position in the culture wars, and could herald the end of the New South. Via The New Yorker.

Constitutional monstrosity

Then there’s the other thing about the Bathroom Bill — it’s a constitutional monstrosity. Via The Atlantic.

Visiting Hiroshima

Obama’s proposal to visit Hiroshima raises questions again about the decision to drop the atomic bomb there more than 70 years ago, and emphasizes how the United States and Japan still view the decision so differently. Via The New York Times.

Meaningless win

Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in West Virginia, which apparently doesn’t improve Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic nomination. Via The New York Times.

Unlikely alliance

How did Sanders win in West Virginia? With an unlikely alliance of moderates and conservatives. Via Politico.

Winning friends

Ted Cruz built his reputation and his brand on being the most hated man in Washington. Does he stick with that strategy or, after his unsuccessful run for the GOP nomination, change his ways? Via The Washington Post.

Standing firm

Ruth Marcus: How Paul Ryan could explain his decision not to support Trump, if in fact, after Thursday’s summit, Ryan remains determined not to support him. Via The Washington Post.

Goodbye, union

How Brexit — the proposed British exit from the European Union, could be a boon for Donald Trump: He could announce he’s ready to do the same thing with NAFTA and the TPP. Via Reuters.

Moving left?

Dennis Prager: Why did Trump win the GOP nomination? Because the majority of Republicans aren’t conservative any more. And why aren’t they conservative? Because, you must have guessed, of the Left. Via The National Review.

Tense relationship

North Korea vs. the Western media: An uneasy relationship grows ever more tense. Via The New Yorker.


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