Wiretap: Remembering the Greatest of All Time

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Wiretap: Remembering the Greatest of All Time

Eulogizing Ali

The great writers were drawn inevitably to the man who was The Greatest. You can take your pick now that Muhammad Ali has died at age 74. But you could start with Dave Kindred, the great sportswriter who covered Ali when they were both young in Louisville, Kentucky. Or you could go straight to David Remnick, who wrote one of the great Ali books. Or try Bob Lipsyte’s soaring obit in The New York Times.

Last chance

Bernie Sanders’ strategy to win over superdelegates is obviously the longest of long shots. But the only way he has a shot at all is to win in California first. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Too late

Where Bernie missed his chance to beat Hillary. Via The Washington Post.

Bullying Trump

It’s not just a “Mexican” judge (born and raised in Indiana) who would treat Trump unfairly — according to Trump, anyway. He says that a Muslim judge probably wouldn’t either. Via The New York Times.

More violence

The violence at the Trump rally in San Jose was nothing new. And the way to bet is that, whatever else happens, the violence from both sides at Trump events is only going to get worse. Via Vox.

Not running

In case you were wondering — and probably you weren’t — National Review’s David French explains why he has decided not to run as a third-party candidate for president. Bill Kristol, for one, is crushed.

Voting rights

Voting rights are at a crossroads. The question is which direction they’re going to take from here. Via The Atlantic.

A survivor’s courage

“You took away my worth”: The astonishing, devastating 12-page letter a rape victim writes to her attacker, a former Stanford swimmer, reprinted here in full. Via The Washington Post.


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