Wiretap: How Clinton made history

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Wiretap: How Clinton made history

Becoming Hillary

An Associated Press survey of superdelegates puts Hillary Clinton over the top a day early — on the eve of the California and New Jersey primaries. Clinton wishes they’d waited a day. The Sanders campaign disputes the math. But history has been made, and for Clinton it has been a long, hard slog. “Again and again, the sequence has been the same,” writes Karen Tumulty in The Washington Post. “She sets out, stumbles, gets up again, grinds on.”

It adds up

Nate Silver explains the math. Clinton has won more votes. She has won more pledged delegates. She is winning more superdelegates. And that’s how you get to be your party’s nominee. Via FiveThirtyEight.

Rallying cry

At a Sanders rally in San Francisco, Bernie supporters lash out at press for calling the race early. Via The Washington Post.

Circular reasoning

Jonathan Chait: The strange thinking that brings Sanders to conclude he deserves the nomination. Via New York magazine.

Derailing Trump

Trump’s “Mexican” judge issue — remember the judge was born and raised in Indiana — brings another round of quasi-condemnations from Republican officials. Via Politico.

Déjà vu

This isn’t the first time that Trump has charged that a judge was biased against him.  Via The New York Times.

Un-American dream

James Fallows: The un-American essentialism of Donald Trump. Via The Atlantic.

Ryan’s deal

George Will on how Paul Ryan sold his soul to Donald Trump for the price of a House agenda. Via The Washington Post.

Brexit, explained

For those wondering why the Brits might leave the European Union, you can find the pro-Brexit argument in the National Review where Douglas Murray writes that the long-reviled Euro-skeptics have been right all along.

The Champ

If you want still more on Ali, read this wonderful piece by Peter Richmond on Ali’s final two decades and how Ali was not defined by a disease. The Champ at Rest: Muhammad Ali in His Later Years. Via Vice Sports.

Photo credit: Lorie Shaull, Creative Commons, Flickr 

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