Wiretap: The Orlando shooter’s path to violence

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Wiretap: The Orlando shooter’s path to violence

Lone wolf

The path that led Omar Mateen to a gay nightclub in Orlando where he killed 49 people was marked by bouts of violence, meetings with the FBI and many as-yet-unresolved contradictions. The horrific events at the Pulse nightclub affirm what every anti-terrorist expert already knew: the difficulty of stopping a lone-wolf attack. Via The New York Times.

Dating apps

In yet another strange twist in the story, Mateen was apparently known on gay dating apps and had been seen several times in the Pulse nightclub. Via The Washington Post.

Say their names

Read the stories of the Orlando victims. Via The Orlando Sentinel.

Surviving terror

The terrible scene in the Pulse nightclub, where a survivor played dead to stay alive. Via The New York Times.

Smear tactic

Dana Milbank: Trump uses the Orlando tragedy to smear both Muslims and Obama in a speech calling for a Muslim ban. Via The Washington Post.

Washington’s eye-roll

The White House rolls its eyes at Trump’s suggestion that Obama was somehow sympathetic to the terrorists. Via Politico.

Trump’s lies

Nine of the biggest lies and egregious inaccuracies in the Trump speech. Via Vox.

Gun control

David French — the guy Bill Kristol wanted as a third-party candidate to help stop Trump — says gun control talk in the wake of Orlando is a distraction. Via The National Review.

Giving up

Peter Weber: What are you willing to give up to avoid another mass shooting? Via The Week.

Political won’t

It’s not the Supreme Court that’s preventing gun control, writes Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker. It’s a lack of political will.

Photo credit: US Embassy, Creative Commons, Flickr

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