Wiretap: Who bombed the Istanbul airport?

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Wiretap: Who bombed the Istanbul airport?

Prime suspect

Who bombed the Istanbul airport? To this point, ISIS, which is usually quick to claim credit, has been silent. But, Dexter Filkins writes in The New Yorker, if the point was to create chaos and make the Turkish government look weak, ISIS has to be the prime suspect. In The New York Times, the theory is put forth that the bombing may well have been a reaction to a Turkish crackdown on the terror group.

Facebook changes

Whatever you’ve heard, Facebook still wants to bring you the news, but mostly if it comes via your family and friends. Facebook’s change in emphasis looks like bad news for publications who depend on Facebook for bumping up their traffic — like, um, your own Colorado Independent. Via The New York Times.

Veep pick

Clinton insiders are quietly saying that she will name Tim Kaine as her vice-presidential pick. As you might guess, this is not making Bernie Sanders supporters at all happy. Via Politico.

Why Warren

Why Warren is Clinton’s most rational choice. Via The New Republic.

Not populism

Obama is hitting Trump again, this time saying — without quite saying his name — that what Trump is selling is not populism. He says that it’s nativism or xenophobia or just plain cynicism. Via Vox.

Great entertainer

Cracks in the Vichy coalition? Mitch McConnell said in an interview that Trump is a “great entertainer” but still not a “serious and credible candidate” for the presidency. Via The Atlantic.

Trump Institute

If you thought that Trump University seemed a little sketchy, check out this New York Times piece on the Trump Institute. It looks much, much worse.

Clinton Foundation

If Republicans are finding it hard now to stay with Benghazi, it looks like they’re moving on to Clinton’s relationship to the Clinton Foundation. Via The National Review.

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