Wiretap: Obama heads to Dallas to reassure a fearful nation

Wiretap: Obama heads to Dallas to reassure a fearful nation

Remembering the fallen

Obama heads to Dallas for an interfaith memorial for the fallen officers and to deliver a speech that he hopes will reassure a nation fearful of growing racial divisions. Whatever else it will be, it won’t be easy. Via The New York Times.

Bloody summer

Meanwhile, Donald Trump says the violence of the past week “might be just the beginning for this summer.” Via CNN.

United front

Michael Gerson: In our moment of division — and it may be many moments before the division ends — who is the leader who will bring us together? Via The Washington Post.

Ryan’s role

Can Paul Ryan really play party unifier at the GOP convention if he doesn’t really support the person convention-goers are set to nominate? Via The Wall Street Journal.

Poor Cleveland

A Donald Trump nomination is not the GOP convention that Cleveland, a very Democratic city, bargained for. Via Cleveland.com.

Notorious RBG

How big a line did Ruth Bader Ginsburg cross when she bashed the Donald in a New York Times interview? Pretty big. (And there’s also a pretty big chance that she doesn’t care.) Via The Washington Post.

Stubborn polls

For all the trouble Trump has brought upon himself, he’s doing no worse in the polls with Hispanic voters than Romney and McCain. Via The Washington Examiner.

Bernie’s way

When Bernie Sanders held off on his endorsement of Clinton, it enraged many in Hillary World. But it looks as if Bernie has gotten his way. Via The New Yorker.

Lethal weapon

A new study claims that even though black men and women are treated differently in the hands of the police, there is no difference when it comes to lethal force. Via The New York Times. But if you’re not skeptical of the study, Vox explains why you probably should be.

Spurred on

Tim Duncan, the NBA superstar who proved you can be both legendary and unassuming, retires after 19 years and five championships with the small-market San Antonio Spurs. And Jack McCallum writes in Sports Illustrated that just because Duncan won’t miss us, doesn’t mean that we won’t miss him.

Official White House photo by Pete Souza

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  1. Ruth Smith on said:

    You’re doing a hell of a job on race relations Barry. Will your legacy on this item be a race war?

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